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Psp bookr epub и как скин на minecraft 1 8 4

Не зря говорят, что все новое - хорошо забытое старое, сегодня я хочу вновь поднять тему читалок книг на горячо любимой sony psp и для всех новичков. Connect your PSP to your computer Then, download the attached file "Bookr V8. 1.zip" When it is finished downloading, extract the files and put the booker folder. Bookr is a PDF viewer for the PSP. Saiko Kulelat has released a modified version At the moment, the current version is 9.0 which comes with performance. Yepp, I sued BookR on my PSP before I got my BeBook, worked fine, only thing I had problem with was the fact that the battery was drained.

Bookr is a document reader for the PSP which enables native pdf reading. You need a Sony PSP with firmware version 1.5. Other firmware versions are not. Apr 16, 2013 Bookr download. Bookr 2013-04-16 17:14:29 free download. Bookr A document reader for the Sony PSP with native PDF rendering. Bookr would not work with PDF Files even though it should. So, over Select which Books you want for reading on your Vita/PSP Right Click.

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